Bratislava Bicycle Rental

A Bratislava bicycle rental is the perfect way to explore the city.

While Bratislava is easy to explore on foot, you can expand your range quite a bit with a Bratislava bike rental.

There is an extensive cycling infrastructure meaning you can safely ride your bike around this beautiful Slovakia capital city without having to worry about cars, traffic, or too many pedestrians.

Whether you want to ride along the Danube, visit some of the most popular tourist attractions in Bratislava, or take a longer trip into the Carpathians – it’s all possible with a Bratislava bicycle rental.

There’s even a Bratislava bike sharing system, which was opened in 2018, further highlighting how popular it is to explore the city on two wheels.

It’s even possible to go on a Bratislava bicycle tour or on a longer, multi-day Slovakia bicycle tour if you’re looking for a unique experience.

There’s no denying that the heart of Central Europe is the perfect area to explore on two wheels, whether it’s a bicycle or a motorcycle, so a Bratislava bicycle rental is just what you need.

How it Works

Select a bike.

Pick a date.

Pick up your bike!

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Bratislava Bike Rental Prices

Mountain Bike

This is a great bike for city cruising with a little bit of off-road adventuring mixed in.

  • 20 per day (16 hours)
  • 12€ per half day (6 hours)

City Bike

This is a great bike for city cruising, bar hopping, and checking out the sites.

  • 20 per day (16 hours)
  • 12€ per half day (6 hours)

Electric Bike

You’ll have a ton of fun with a Bratislava electric bike rental.

  • 40 per day (16 hours)
  • 24€ per half day (6 hours)

Your Questions, Answered

Is it safe to ride a bicycle in Bratislava?

Yes, it’s completely safe. There’s a great cycling infrastructure with a lot of bike paths and dedicated cycling lanes for you to explore.

Where are the best bike paths in Bratislava?

While you won’t find too many bike paths in the center, traffic moves slow and residents are well aware of cyclists. Some of the best Bratislava cycling paths exist along the Danube River with a number of Europe-wide cycling routes easily accessible from the center.

What’s included with the bike rental?

Every bike rental comes with a helmet, lock, and city map. It’s your responsibility to wear your helmet and keep the bicycle locked up when it’s unattended.

Do you offer long-term bicycle rentals?

Yes, it’s possible to rent a bicycle for longer than one day. We have a number of bicycle rental options available, depending on what you’re looking for. Please contact us to know what your requirements are and we’ll see if we can help.